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What the calculator does
This calculator establishes when criminal convictions become "spent" under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. It has been updated to reflect the March 2014 reforms. We are keen for feedback on how the tool is working. E-mail any thoughts/advice to advice@unlock.org.uk. For more information on the calculator, click here.

Applying for a standard or enhanced DBS check?
These types of checks will disclose spent cautions and convictions, so the answers that this calculator provides are irrelevant. If you're applying for a standard or enhanced check, you need to work out whether your caution or conviction will be filtered. We have a simple guide and a flow-chart available here that should help.

What happens to the information you provide
The information collected by this tool is used to provide on-screen results. You also have the option to receive the results by email. Any information you provide will not be shared with a third-party or used by Unlock for marketing purposes.

If you have any questions about this tool, or would like to talk through the results that you receive, please contact Unlock's Helpline.

Terms of Use
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